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WER037, September 2018

12" Vinyl

Philipp Schaufelberger acoustic guitar


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The word BONN - pronounced in capitals and audibly followed by a hyphen, opened most german news bulletins well into the nineties and is deeply engraved in the acoustic memory of the contemporaries. This album documents a live concert in Bonn in September 2017, the conceptual setting of which is of almost news-bulletin like bluntness.
Each side of the LP contains four pieces: a short improvisation, a guitar arrangement of an original song by Philipp Schaufelberger, a contemporary piece by Michael Heisch and a jazz classic by Monk respectively Ellington.
The musical material and angle of these four kinds being most diverse, the focus is always on the immediate musical expression, a rhythmical and tonal statement about Here and Now.
The instrumental approach ranges from contemporary techniques like the rattle of crossed strings to hearty grungelike strumming and remains, wide as it is, always filled with meaning. Through the restrictions of the acoustic guitar and the live situation of the recording, BONN offers deep insight into the foundations of Schaufelbergers artistic work.

Album Credits

Compositions by Philipp Schaufelberger, except otherwise noted.
Recorded live at St. Helena, Bonn by Pavel Borodin on September 15, 2017
Artwork by Corinne Hächler


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Press Reviews

freiStil, 2018

"Wenn ein Schweizer Akustikgitarre live in Deutschlands ehemaliger Hauptstadt bearbeitet, bedeutet das zunächst einmal gar nichts – abgesehen vom französischen, ähnlich buchstabierten Wort für gut. Besonders gut klingt nämlich Schaufelbergers melodisch-experimenteller Umgang mit dem durch Lagerfeuerromatizismen in Verruf geratenen Instruments. Improvisation mit Herzschlag, komplexe Einfachheit ohne überflüssiges Fitzefatze, ausgefeilte Technik im Dienst der Ausdruckslust, das sind nur einige der Charakteristiken in Schaufelbergers Gitarrenspiel. Und zum Drüberstreuen, als Schlagobershäubchen, aber bitte nicht Sahne dazu sagen, kredenzt der Saitenspringer relativ lässig Thelonious Monks Misterioso. Bonn: schlicht, ergreifend, gut. Bon voyage bzw. bonne journée." (felix)

Vital Weekly, 2018

"Title of this work refers to the city where it was recorded: Bonn, the former capital city of West-Germany. Recorded live at St. Helena church on September 15th  2017. With this album Philip Schaufelberger presents his first solo work, playing acoustic guitar. He is a German musician – based in Zürich - playing and touring since the 90s with people like Pierre Favre and Lucas Niggli. And worked with Michael Brecker, Paul Motion, Kenny Wheeler, etc. A musician with a solid background in jazz. He also composes for ensembles of contemporary music like Ensemble Tzara. As a performer of modern music he often works with the Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich. Turning to ‘Bonn’, each side of the LP has four works: a short improvisation, a guitar arrangement of an original composition by Schaufelberger, a contemporary piece by Michael Heisch (a Swiss composer and journalist, who as a bassist worked for example with Luigi Archetti) and a jazz classic by Monk (‘Misterioso’) respectively Ellington (‘African Flower’). Although the material comes from different corners and angles, there is a strong unity between them, brought about by the direct and intimate recording, and above all by Schaufelbergers’ consequent style and treatment. Both standards are in an original way deconstructed by Schaufelberger but remain recognizable. This is characteristic for the other works as well. Abstract on the one hand, but interwoven with melodic elements on the other. A coherent and interesting work. (DM)"